Responsive Design

Importance of Responsive Design

Is this important? VERY! Mobile searches make up roughly 60% of all searches and this number is growing every day!


If you think mobile is coming, you’re already lost

Each aspect of search engine optimization is important for visibility. Unfortunately, people often find themselves in a bind as they have over optimized their site and the search engines felt they were trying to manipulate the system. Well done SEO is all about balance- help the search engines see the value of your website while keeping the user in mind. It’s important to have a team of professionals handling your SEO needs.

At RCSA, we take pride in keeping up on the latest and newest solutions to help improve your ranking. If you are considering launching a new site or redesigning one – there is no better time to jump in and make sure your website is fully optimized from the ground up. If you are ready to have a superior online marketing campaign, we’ll be happy to go over our search engine marketing(SEM) services. We can show you the HUGE difference that doing it right makes!