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The Robotics Certification Standards Alliance (RCSA) is a global company that has been actively providing robotics curriculums, training, online testing systems, software development, website marketing and certification since 1998.

RCSA first started with partnerships with Motoman and Private Career Colleges in Canada. The partnerships grew to have included ABB, Motoman and Panasonic.



Since its founding in August of 1989, Motoman Inc. has grown to the second largest robotics company in the Americas, with more than 24,000 robots installed. Motoman has experienced a compounded annual sales growth of more than 30 percent and is one of America’s fastest-growing automation companies.

Motoman is dedicated to delivering high quality, innovative automation solutions that help our customers to be world competitive and to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction in the automation industry. Motoman will achieve this mission by pursuing economically sound strategies that embrace continuous improvement, innovation, and diversification in concert with perpetuating an entrepreneurial spirit throughout the organization and developing a deep and mutual trust with our customers, employees, vendors, and shareholders.

ABB Robotics

ABB is a leading supplier of industrial robots, modular manufacturing systems and service. A strong solutions focus helps manufacturers improve productivity, product quality and worker safety. ABB has installed more than 200,000 robots worldwide.


Panasonic provides design and manufacturing process solutions to leading manufacturers in the consumer electronics, telecommunications, computer, and home appliance industries, among others. Our solutions can meet your specific design needs, wherever in the world you manufacture.

460,000 types of production items for 5,500 customer companies in 60 countries worldwide. Those are the key numbers in our industry business, in which we provide a wide range of products from electronic components and semiconductors to automotive electronic devices and production equipment. From R&D activity to manufacturing and sales networks, to factory automation service bases, we have a truly worldwide operation. Drawing on the synergy of the entire Matsushita Group, we support ourt customers’ business development in every part of the world.

In 2006 RCSA was invited to join the American Welding Society (AWS) D16 committee to provide robotics and testing expertise in the development of America’s first robotic welding exam (CRAW). RCSA accepted this challenge and worked alongside Lincoln Electric Automation, ABB and Wolf Robotics to develop the details and procedures of the CRAW which was launched in June 2008.


The RCSA gained recognition in 2009 by the Government of Canada and the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU) as the robotics subject matter experts in North America. Also in 2009 the Certified Industrial Robotics Programmers (CIRP) course became a fully recognized and registered course available to students by the MTCU. It is here that the CIRP hands on training course, along with industry leaders Panasonic and Motoman teach practical, job ready and job demand practicum’s.

With the continued global expansion the RCSA is currently offering services in Korea, China, Philippines, USA and Mexico as projects all already in process. The RCSA goal of Benchmarking Robotic Technology with global standardization in all fields of robotics is starting to take fold and International Certification is leading the way.

Benchmarking Industrial Robotic Certifications Globally

The Robotics Certification Standards Alliance (RCSA) is a global company that has been actively providing robotics curriculums, training, online testing systems and certification since 1998.

RCSA Certification Advantages

Although not a substitute for on-the- job experience, the training that accompanies certification prepares you for quicker and higher levels of employment or advancement. The rigorous and thorough work of this partnership has resulted in the creation of a special and fast growing pool of certified programmers with the ability to increase productivity.

Global Training Partners

Since 1998 RCSA has joined forces with several Robotic Manufacturers and Educators around the world. These partnerships will fill the fast-growing need for skilled automation programmers. Companies like Yaskawa Motoman Canada, Panasonic and ABB provide the skilled training in their cutting edge advanced robotic technology training facilities and RCSA will administer the exams.





Our focus is to establish standards for robotic training in the fields of programming, maintenance and technical competency.